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Discover how to maximize your student's college acceptance by reducing out-of-pocket costs and learning how to successfully navigate the higher education system at one of our FREE workshops, run by College Planning Solution's Ayden Masudi. 


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"Ayden has been the calm in our college planning storm! We met him halfway through our son's senior year and had no idea what to do. Ayden guided us through the process and helped us reach our goal of getting our son into college. He is now working with our daughter and what a difference it has been having someone answer all of our questions and help address our concerns...Ayden is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares for the families he serves."


Nancy Murphy, Modesto, CA   6/19/2015

Special thanks to Ayden Masudi! He was able to help us way late in the game with an already graduating senior. I couldn't have helped my daughter on my own and needed that guidance from Ayden. There was constant communication with my daughter about what she and I both needed to complete, he helped with all the paperwork and just eased a parent's mind.


Diana Arias, Stockton, CA   4/28/2015


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