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Graduating High School: What's next for students and parents

Congratulations Class of 2015, you did it!

High school graduation is an exciting time of the year. For those of you who graduated, what's next? For parents of students in high school, how do you prepare for college? In this post, I will break down the top 4 things you need to know to have a successful transition from high school to college, both from the student's perspective and the parent's.


  • Take time to relax, but stay focused

  • Take time to explore your college and surrounding areas (internships, campus work-study, dorms, classrooms)


  • Create the best plan to fund all four years of college

  • Understand how scholarships, grants, and loans really work


For high school seniors this is an exciting transition period. It's important to enjoy summer and also stay focused. Some students of mine begin taking college classes in the summer following their high school graduation. This can be a great way to "break the ice" during your transition to college. Another great opportunity would be to find a local internship (for more information on internships relating to your student contact me). Internships offer a great way for students to explore careers and network with future colleagues.


A couple question I hear often are "how do I know which is the best fit college for my child?" or "how am I supposed to afford college?" The answers are clear, but require knowledge or expertise on the current higher education system. When figuring out the best plan to fund college, it's necessary to look at all 4 years, and not just one. Scholarships and grants are important, but don't rely solely on financial aid, you need to have a backup plan.

For a clear, bigger picture summary you can join me at my upcoming college planning workshop (Click Here to RSVP).

Financial aid is available to all families, regardless of your combined income or student's GPA. In order to save thousands on college, you first need to understand how it's done. What would saving a few thousand dollars a year mean to your family? Financial aid is also granted on a first come first serve basis. I apply for financial aid for ALL of my families even those who initially wouldn't apply. To get more of an understanding on scholarships and grants you can Click Here or you can give me a call at (925) 452-8220.

Please comment below, or send me a message on our Facebook page if you have any questions on how to get your student accepted to the best fit college or how to fund college without sacrificing your current lifestyle.

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