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College planning — simplified.

We are an independent educational consulting firm in Northern California, assisting families Nation Wide. We realize that the process of applying to colleges, not to mention paying for them, can be stressful for parents and students alike. Our mission is to help make the most out of your student's college experience, one family at a time.

Timeless teachings in a changing world. 

College Planning Solutions is the largest and longest-standing college planning firm in the Bay Area. We are a passionate, young staff focused on building lasting relationships with students and their families. Vision and innovation are critical to our effectiveness in an ever-changing environment—we have present day experience in the college planning process. 



Hear from some of our clients...

"Ayden has been the calm in our college planning storm! We met him halfway through our son's senior year and had no idea what to do. Ayden guided us through the process and helped us reach our goal of getting our son into college. He is now working with our daughter and what a difference it has been having someone answer all of our questions and help address our concerns...Ayden is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares for the families he serves."


Nancy Murphy, Modesto, CA   6/19/2015

"Single moms, yes you can send your child to the college of your choice! I attended a workshop hosted by Ayden and walked away thinking "it's possible, even on my budget?" Well I'm here to say it absolutely is! College Planning Solutions and I have created a plan to get my son to a private university. A PRIVATE UNIVERSITY! Thank you College Planning Solutions.


Melissa Cochrane, Tracy, CA   8/29/2014

"Special thanks to Ayden Masudi! He was able to help us way late in the game with an already graduating senior. I couldn't have helped my daughter on my own and needed that guidance from Ayden. There was constant communication with my daughter about what she and I both needed to complete, he helped with all the paperwork and just eased a parent's mind."


Diana Arias, Stockton, CA   4/28/2015


"When I first hired Ayden Masudi of College Planning Solutions, I was nervous and skeptical of what he could really do. Our combined salary is over $150K per year and I was always told that we make too much money to qualify for financial aid. Ayden used his strategies to help us not only get into the school my daughter wanted to go, but we were able to get $22,000 in free money towards school last year. We are looking forward to my daughter's second year in school. Just want to say THANK YOU AYDEN!!!!!!


Aria Jergene, Dublin, CA 2/25/2014

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Meet Our Team

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